I <3 Faces: Beautiful Black and White

This week is really a risk.  I had 23 images I looked at for uploading to this week’s challenge.  A lot of them evoked motions of sadness, excitement, joy, and success.  This one was just cool.  We spent New Year’s Eve at the Chic Fil A Bowl watching our Auburn Tigers take home a victory.   My mom, my brother and friend Gloria were sitting on the exact row as we were, just three sections over!  At one point I was getting some shots with my zoom lens of the players on the field. I hadn’t yet located my other family members in the crowd, so I used my zoom to survey the crowd. Then BAM- there they were, looking straight at me!!

I really like the contrast between all the other fans, staring at the action on the field, and these three goof balls staring right at me!

Photo Challenge Submission

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